Welcome to the Webpage of the Bachelor’s Degree Programme Mechatronics (IMC)

This is an undergraduate engineering programme focusing international students offered in English. If you are interested in studying Mechatronics in German then please go to the webpage of our German degree programme Mechatronik.

The German and English courses are the same, with a few exceptions. Beginning with the first semester, students are offered the opportunity to complete individual studies and exams in the parallel module of the other language and hereby acquire a twin certificate.

This webpage aims to provide general information about the engineering decipline Mechatronics with a brief description of career prospects for mechatronics engineers and salient features of the degree programme offered by THWS.

The section Studies contains curricular information for current students, whereas our prospective students may find useful infomation about admission requirements and application procedure in section Admissions. A short overview of the Programme and important contacts are also given in that section.

Study competence test for the degree programme Mechatronics (IMC)

Applicants with non-EU higher education entrance qualifications must now prove their ability to study by taking a standardised test such as TestAS or SAT.

The TestAS includes the completion of the core test and the subject-specific engineering module. A standard value/TestAS score of 100 is required in both parts for enrolment. The value 100 in both test parts applies to both the paper-based and the digital TestAS. For more information on how to enrol and take the TestAS, please visit the TestAS website.

Alternatively, applicants can submit the results of the Scolastic Assessment Test (SAT). Here, at least 1050 points must have been achieved. Further information can be found on the SAT website.

The following applicants are exempted from this requirement:

  • Graduates of the Studienkollegs at the Bavarian Universities of Applied Sciences.
  • Graduates of German non-European schools.
  • Applicants from the preparatory programmes of partner universities with a valid cooperation agreement.
  • Applicants for a higher semester of the degree programme mechatronics.


The "Twin Bachelor Degree Programme" offers students of the degree programmes Mechatronik/Mechatronics the possibility to switch between content of the same German and English language bachelor degree programmes and provides a combination of professional, cultural and linguistic competencies with the aim of strengthening internationalisation.

Students can obtain a twin certificate together with their bachelor's diploma, which they can attach to their application documents and show the future employers that they are able to work in multicultural project teams, deliver results in both German and English, and are able to navigate in an international environment. You will receive a bilingual degree by participating.

Satzung über den Erwerb eines TWIN-Zertifikats in einem TWIN-Studiengang (konsolidierte Fassung - nicht-amtlich)

Zweite Satzung zur Änderung der Satzung über den Erwerb eines TWIN-Zertifikats in einem TWIN-Studiengang an der THWS vom 03. Mai 2022

Video about the Bachelor's Degree Programme Mechatronics

Find out more about the programme Mechatronics in the video.


Important dates for the Summer Semester 2024

Important dates for the Winter Semester 2024/25

Information for First Semester Students


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Start of Winter Term 2024/2025

You can find all information about the start of the semester on the website of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering: